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"Jean Arnot" is one of the loveliest violets I know.  I don't need to tell you because you can see it for yourself:  the softest pink, barely a whisper, with a white center, which you would miss if you blinked.  It has a lovely form, don't you think? It is a violet I had years ago but somehow lost and this past fall, it reappeared.  Very mysterious, if you ask me.  Roy Coombs describes it as "a very large-flowered old rose pink on long stems suitable for picking.  Perhaps unique."  I'll say.   (Windward Violet Nurseries, Australia, 1983)  Although I have never seen it mentioned, I feel certain this violet was named for Jean Fleming Arnot (1903-1995),  a former staff member of the State Library of New South Wales for over 47 years.  She was active in women's organizations and a pioneer in the campaign for equal pay for women.   Someone like that deserves to have a violet named for her.

Viola odorata "Jean Arnot"

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