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Viola odorata "Fred Morey" is one of my very favorite violets of all the violets I grow.  I like it for its vibrant, electric color, its performance,  and its name.  I found out that Fred Morey was a seedsman at Groves Nursery in the UK.  He started working there as a boy and stayed there for over 60 years.  The blooms are large and carmine pink; it is a strong grower and a heavy bloomer.   (Groves, UK ~1995)


Note:  "Fred Morey" is one of the violets I lost last year., so it is currently out of stock; however, I have some seeds of "Fred Morey" stratifying right now, so knock on wood and all fingers crossed, I will have it back on the list.  It is a huge loss to me, so please cross all of your fingers, too.

Viola odorata "Fred Morey"

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