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Viola odorata "Clive Groves" was found as a chance seedling near "The Czar."  It is fragrant, vigorous, and has large reddish-purple blooms.  Often people ask what I mean by blue-purple and red-purple and what the difference is.  I think if you saw each side by side, you'd know right away.  Red-purple, or reddish purple, is a purple with a drop of red mixed in and a "warm" purple.  You can see it right away.  Blue-purple has no trace of red, just a drop, if anything, of blue and is a "cool" purple.  This is one of my own favorite violets for all it does and also for what I like to call its "sturdiness."  I'm not sure what I mean by that, but it is all good.  (Groves, 1980)

Viola odorata "Clive Groves"

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