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It's difficult to get a photo of this flower in its entirety, but just imagine this happening all over a plant that is five feet tall.   If you're not familiar with this tall lavender/purple perennial (3-6 feet), then I don't know where you've been all this time.  It has become very popular over the years, and now it's called something silly like "lollipop plant," or "Verbena on a Stick," which is worse.  Saying its real name isn't hard, it sounds lovely, and it's specific: Verbena bonariensis.   Say it three times out loud and see if you don't like it better.  Unlike most tall plants, this one works at the front of the border or the back because its leaves are barely leaves at all, and you can see through the wiry stems to anything behind it.  Let it reseed, by all means.  It is perennial, but it isn't a long-lived perennial, so do let it reseed and you'll have it somewhere for a good, long time.  Keep a few seeds to scatter other places or sow them yourself.  It's not hard to grow from seed.  Long blooming from summer until late fall in Zones 6 (at least) to 10.

Verbena bonariensis (Purpletop Vervain)

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