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First things first: this is not my photo of Heliopsis "Bleeding Hearts," but it is a photo of Heliopsis from WikiCommons that appears to be the middle stage of Heliopsis "Bleeding Hearts," which begins as red and transitions to orange/red.  I have grown yellow Heliopsis for many years, often with variegated leaves, and it is a must in the garden, no matter what color it is.  You will have blooms all summer and well into fall if you have it in your garden, but you have to keep it deadheaded for that to  happen.  That brings me to the second thing:  This flower is not called "Cut and Come Again," although I have heard it called that.  How many flowers do you think there are in the world called "Cut and Come Again"?  None at all,  and it seems quite a few.   It's important to be specific with plants' names so there is no room for error.  This  Heliopsis is said to grow to four feet, but mine have always been less than three feet.  Average soil and sun in Zones 3-9.  Be sure to save some of your seeds.  They are not difficult to germinate, and you will have plenty to grow in your garden.  They will bloom the first year, and they get better with each passing year.  (Photo:  [[File:Atlas roslin pl Słoneczniczek szorstki 7581 7122.jpg|Atlas roslin pl Słoneczniczek szorstki 7581 7122]]

Heliopsis helianthoides var. scabra "Bleeding Hearts"

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