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I am offering this annual/biennial/short-lived perennial for two reasons:  I love it and wouldn't be without it and second, you should also have it in your garden so you can love it, too.  This Dianthus is native to Europe but has become naturalized here.  It is named for Deptford, England where it is said to have been discovered by a 17th Century botanist.  That has been disputed now with the belief that what he was looking at was a different Dianthus, but no matter.  I think this is my favorite Dianthus because, well,  just look at it:  it's a bright, happy pink with tiny white spots on the petals and serrated edges.  So much to see, so get close.  It is a bright addition to the garden and blooms in summer.  Not only that, but it is a poor man's barometer by closing its blooms in the late afternoons.  There are lots of seeds to scatter, so, by all means, do it.  Zones (all of them, I think)

Dianthus armeria (Deptford Pink)

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