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I have loved Chrysanthemums since I was a child.  I love everything about them:  their wide range of colors,  the wonderful fragrance,  and the memories I have because of them.  My mother grew mums, and sometimes on frosty autumn mornings before heading off to school, she went outside to cut a bunch, wrapped them in damp newspaper, and sent them with me to give to my teacher.  It sounds a whole lot like brown-nosing to me, and although it didn't help me any, it sure didn't hurt.  I have grown all sorts of mums through the years, some splashy colors and some like this one.  It's an old-fashioned mum, the kind I like best, and if you think it's just plain old white, then take a closer look and think again.  Often the petals are tinged with red and pink.  It grows from 2-3 feet tall with an equal spread.  "Innocence" likes a sunny place in well-drained soil in Zones 5a-9b. 

Dendranthema morifolium (Chrysanthemum) "Innocence"

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