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I saw this wildflower for the first time more than 30 years ago.  It was growing in a ditch beside the road in the county where I live.  I thought it was beautiful and made it my mission to find out more about it and to collect some of its seeds when the time was right, and I did both.  Native to Eastern North America, this blue/lavender bellflower is an annual or biennial, depending on what time of year you sow the seeds, but even if it's an annual, it surely self-seeds well enough to be seen year after year.  I like a flower that has a mind of its own.  Somewhat of a contradiction in terms, this "bellflower" is the only Campanula I know that is not bell or cup-shaped.  It's flat!  As you can tell, though, its flatness has not hindered its beauty one iota.  Campanula americana starts off with a very pretty rosette of leaves, and from there,  stalks appear adorned with these lovely flowers in late summer.  It grows from 3-5 feet tall in partial shade and in places where you might expect partial shade:  in the woods, alongside the woods, in ditches, in shady meadows, and along streams.    This is a flower that is not seen in nursery catalogs, and I'm happy to offer it to you.  Zones 3-8.  Hummingbirds like it, too.

Campanula americana (Tall Bellflower/American Bellflower)

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