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This is a plant that is pure delight.  It's a long bloomer, bright and cheery, spreads well so you can move it around, and butterflies and pollinators like it, too.  This Japanese aster grows to less than two feet and can spread quite a bit.  But what is so good about all that is that you have extra plants at your disposal to place in bare spots around the garden or share across the garden gate.  You don't need a trowel to do this because it is shallowly rooted.  All I do is tug a piece and up it pops.  I've put it all over the place.  It is a fall bloomer, and it will bloom for a long time unless there is a sudden freeze.  Often mine also bloom in spring, although none of the information about this plant says this.  Why don't they know this, I wonder?  Sun in Zones 4-8.

Aster ageratoides "Ezo-Murasaki"

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