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I can never resist Columbine.  While I grow as many varieties as I can, this is the one I never get enough of.  Once, many years ago, my husband and I were hiking when we came upon a huge grove of nothing but this Columbine.  It was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen, and over the years, I've tried to duplicate it but with little success.  I keep trying, and you might try it, too.  This native red and yellow Columbine blooms in spring and grows to three feet (mine have never been this tall) in a range of soils and light conditions.  It will reseed but never enough to suit me, so I collect my seeds (shiny and black, but please wait until the seed pod has turned brown and cracks open a bit; otherwise, you will be disappointed).  Scatter them outside - do not cover them with soil, as they need light to germinate.  If you are sowing them indoors, sow them on top of the soil.  Either way, you are headed for a mass planting of your own.  Columbine is deer-resistant - another good thing about it.  Zones 3-8.

Aquilegia canadensis (Eastern Red Columbine)

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