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Across the Garden Gate

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Antique iron fence and gate with flowers in front.  The flowers include Purplel and rust German irises, purple Columbine, and whtie Hesperis.

From One Gardener to Another

Welcome to Violetblew's Blog, "Across the Garden Gate." The photo above was taken more than 10 years ago at the entrance to one of my gardens. The only thing that hasn't changed since then are the fence and the gate. I guess they'll be there forever. The garden is still there, although it is always changing and, I hope, evolving. It will never be the way I want it, no matter how many flowers I plant or how many deer I chase out. It just won't. Flowers come and go, weeds continue to thrive, rock walls will not stand for long, and I don't get to work in it nearly as much as I would like, but when I do, it is where I feel the most content. I think most gardeners would say the same. It's also on a steep hill, arranged in tiers, so there's always the nagging question in the back of my mind and sometimes in the front of it, "How much longer can I climb up this hill without falling down it?" Adding the tiers now seems prescient: they will serve to break future falls. It seems I thought of everything.

When I had the website for Gardens in the Wood of Grassy Creek, I had a blog called "My Walks With Daisy" that chronicled my walks with my yellow lab Daisy and what we would see growing in our part of the world. She was a wonderful gardening companion. I think the readers of my blog enjoyed reading about these walks, and when Daisy died, they sent me their condolences. I had no idea that people read my Blog or that they had such affection for Daisy, so the blog was worth it for that alone. Although I have other dogs now who accompany me to the greenhouse each day, they are not true gardeners like Daisy, but they are indispensable to me in other ways, and I will speak of them another time.

As if the world needs another blog, I decided to start one anyway. In this one, I'm just going to tell you about whatever is on my mind or what I would like you to know, just as if you were standing across from me at this very garden gate. Maybe we'll talk about plants. Maybe we won't. Maybe we'll just say what's on our minds or share recipes. It will be interesting to find out. Maybe we'll just be quiet and won't say anything at all. I hope to see you soon across the garden gate.

A black and white cat resting on bench at garden gate.
Bandit, Former Keeper of the Garden Gate

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